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Randy and the rainbows Discography

The following is a listing of recordings by Randy & the Rainbows.
Unauthorized or bootleg recordings will not be listed.

randy and the rainbows discography

randy and the rainbows discography

Randy and the rainbows Discography

Denise b/w Come Back  1963 Rust Records #5059
Why Do Kids Grow Up b/w She’s My Angel 1963 Rust Records #5073
Happy Teenager b/w Dry Your Eyes 1964 Rust Records #5080
Little Star b/w Sharin 1965 Rust Records #5091
Joyride b/w Little Hot Rod Susie 1965 Rust Records #5101

Denise b/w Come Back  1963 Barry Records #B3191 Quality Records/Canada
Denise b/w Come Back  1963 Stateside Records #45-5S214 Gramophone/India
Denise b/w Come Back  1963 Vogue Records #ELP 8143  EP/Frances

Lovely Lies b/w I’ll Forget Him Tomorrow  1965 Mike Records MK4001
Quarter to Three b/w He’s a Fugitive 1965 Mike Records MK 4004
Bonnie’s Part of Town b/w same 1965 Mike Records MK 4008

I’ll Be Seeing You b/w Oh To Get Away 1966 BP Puppy Records BTP 535

Fourever Seasons b/w Ain’t No Mountain (High Enough) 1981 with Vickie Sue Robinson
Foxmoor Records

Try the Impossible b/w Debbie 1982 Ambient Sound Records (CBS/Sony).PZ37911

Remember (Walking In the Sand) b/w Happy Teenager 1984 Ambient Sound Records (Rounder)

As Madison Street

Minstrel Man b/w King of Love 1977 Millennium Records (Polygram) MN601
A Simple Love Song b/w We’re Falling In Love 1978 Millennium Records (Polygram) MN621
Hey Look Who’s Dancin’ b/w Symphony of Love 1970 Infinity Records (MCA)

Silver & Gold b/w Laura 1990 Rainbeaux Records (white vinyl)

Albums & Compiliations

  • C’mon Lets Go 1982 Ambient Sound Records (CBS/Sony) FZ37715
  • Remember 1984 Ambient Sound Records (Rounder)
  • Silver & Gold 1990 Rainbeaux Records
  • Play Ball 1992 Wizwords Records
  • Millennium Collection 2002
  • The Boys from Queens 2009: